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Additional Functions

How to Generate a Bulk Invoice

This video covers how to generate a bulk invoice for a patient. This may be useful if the patient has made a workers compensation claim or if they have completed a treatment pack and wish to claim rebates through their private health insurer.

Temporary and Permanent Alerts

Alerts are messages regarding client care that both reception and practitioners can see. They can be used to remind staff of specific needs of the patient, or to pass notes regarding the treatment schedule from practitioner to reception staff.

How to Find a Client's Profile

Searching in the ‘patients’ tab allows you to access a specific patient’s contact details, bookings, treatment notes and communications history.

Updating the Details in a Patients Profile

The details in a patients file can be accessed and updated easily at anytime. This video instructs you on how to do so.

How to Make a Duplicate Patient Profile Inactive:

In this video you will be shown how to mark a duplicate patient profile as inactive.

Adding Credits to a Patients File and Processing a Payment Using Credits

In this video you will learn how to add credits to a patients file. This feature may be used when a patient has received a voucher, for example to the value of $100. The credits can be added to the patients file and then used to process payment for their appointment. Credits may also be added to a patient file in the instance where they have been overcharged, allowing the credits to be put towards their next consultation.

How to Create Events

Events can be found under the communications tab and are used to record any events pertaining to a client. Incidents, positive feedback etc.

How to Change the Images in the Login Page Image Carousel

You can personalise the login image slider images for your clinic. Sign in as the administrator, select settings and upload photos from your computer and save.

Pro tip – ensure each image is cropped to are 750h by 850w dimensions.

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