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Reception Dashboard

The dashboard is your personalised hub for staying on top of your appointment schedule, to-do list, goals, patient notes, recalls, communications and tasks. It is specific for each clinic, so may appear slightly different once you’re logged into your personal clinic space.  This video shows you where to find your dashboard and what’s there.

Clinic Check Lists

Your daily clinic checklists are found on the dashboard and vary slightly clinic to clinic. The checklist covers everything necessary to set up the clinic for a busy day, keep things running smoothly throughout the day and close your clinic in the evening. Tick off each job as it’s completed.

Patient Recalls

Recalls remind staff to check in on patients who may have missed or rescheduled an appointment. Recalls can be made by reception or practitioners to remind practitioners to check in on a patient’s needs and progress.


Checking and Responding to Communications from the Dashboard

It’s important to regularly check for patient’s responses to texts and emails that they’ve either been sent automatically, or as a manual communication by reception staff.

How to Create and Use Goals

Use the goals feature to set goals for yourself and your clinics and stay motivated!

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