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Patient Retention Report

The retention report allows you to track how well yourself and your team are holding onto your patients. It is usually used for time periods of 3 months or greater for accurate tracking, the report will show you a percentage or returning patients month by month. 

The report can be filtered using the following options:

  • Year – the report will only show a break down month-by-month of the year you’ve chosen.
  • Treatment modality – allows you to assess the retention trends of a specific modality.
  • Clinic -Allows you to track retention at a a chosen location/ locations. Can be used in combination with the treatment modality filter for more refined data.
  • Practitioner – select a practitioner to review their personal retention rate and how it progresses over time.

The report shows the percentage of clients still on care after 5 appointments, 10 appointments, 20 appointments and 50 appointments since their initial booking. It is divided into each month of the year. As shown below.

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