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Patients Report

This report generates a list of patients to allow practitioners to track their case list past and present. 

The report can be filtered using the following filtering options:

  1. Appointment date range – this filter allows you can to different types of date ranges like current day, current month, previous month, current quarter, previous quarter, current year and choose range, where you can specify the custom date range.
  2. Treatment –  allows the report results to be refined by the type of treatment the patients received within the selected date range.
  3. Referrer – filters results by referrer, useful for tracking the success of marketing efforts as well as to check on and thank practitioners’ most regular/ reliable referral channels.
  4. Exclude patients with future bookings (excluded from today’s date, not from the chosen date range).
  5. Upcoming birthday – incase the practitioner likes to send birthday texts, keep track of patients’ birthdays.
  6. Practitioner – this filter will sort the report to show only the data for the selected practitioner, in combination with clinic filter, if any clinic selected. If any clinic is mentioned then the result will be generated based on the data available for this practitioner on the selected clinic.

The report presents a list of clients sorted by the following columns; first name, last name, mobile number, email address and referrer.

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