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Before a new practitioner starts these are essential action steps

After you have hired a new practitioner to join your team the job is only half done. You want the new team member to be as busy as possible as quickly as possible. A great way to ensure this happens is to give yourself a little run-up time. Set their start date for 2-4 weeks after the induction is complete. This time allows you to build momentum for them before they start, to build excitement with the patients and other team members and also to get these actions below underway. Your goal is to ensure they have people booked in during their first shift even if it is only other team members.

  1. Have a picture frame with their picture and bio on the front desk for everyone to see. Ensure the bio is engaging and the photo is one of interest not just a mugshot. A photo of them doing something they love is a good one. Always mention what they are passionate about helping with in the bio.
  2. Write a mini bio introduction to go on your clinic Facebook and in the monthly newsletter. Link this back to your website bio section. Ask them to share this on their own Facebook page.
  3. Create a series of posts for Facebook, linkedin and Instagram . Offer a discount or freebies for people who book in advance. Organise paid FB ads and boost post 2 weeks previous to start date.
  4. Set a coffee date with the clinic manager and modality leader. Make sure appointment book columns are open at the right times and their profile is up on the website. If you have a Bio staff wall at your clinic in the reception add them up there with a temporary tag saying “NEW”
  5. Let them know about the onboarding process and what to expect. Do a training session around rebooking and share a few video examples and scripts. Hand them a copy of the new client tracking sheet and the condition recommendation guide.
  6. Pair them up with another team member and ensure they are introduced face to face or over email to all of the local business networks.
  7. Pair them up with an existing team member who will have a coffee date with them twice a week for the first 4 weeks.
  8. Attend the monthly staff meeting at the clinic. The aim is to introduce yourself and let the team know who your ideal clients are, get familiar with the other practitioner and their modalities and book in for consultations with them (swaps/free).
  9. Connect to wi-fi and printer at your clinic and make sure it works, check your room and check if you have everything you need. Check emails are working and all software access codes work.
  10. Ensure you have embroidered uniforms or name tags and KEYS organized for your first shift
  11. Explore your clinics resources like DropBox or google drive – you can easily spend a few hours here. Get familiar with the resources you have available, from HR documents to client handouts.
  12. Observe a senior practitioner in your clinic and spend a few hours on the frontdesk learning how everything works out there.

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